Our goal is to make online marketing easy for small business owners.

From building and optimizing your website to sending emails and scheduling social media posts,

we manage all aspects of your business’ digital presence.


We focus on targeted marketing tactics and our goal is to connect digital marketing to your bottom line, increasing your business’ online profits.

Our approach to digital marketing is simple: Numbers first. In a marketing landscape that is ever changing, we act as your digital ally.

You don’t have enough hours in the day to learn digital marketing and utilize its powerful mechanisms to drive you qualified leads and valuable customers. But those powerful mechanisms exist. And not taking advantage of them is simply behind the times. We take your website, and make it start working for you. That’s our job.

By way of our proprietary Digital Dot Plan, we take your website and build a digital presence that is cohesive, compelling, and quantifiable. We believe that marketing is successful only when unique to the business. And at the fundamental basis of our program, we use numbers. Marketing is no longer in a black box. Hooray!

We don’t just stop at your website, either. Paid search can help you find new customers, and email and social media allow you to stay connected to your existing customer base. Since numbers are our favorite, we monitor performance across all your website traffic sources and make suggestions for improvements and new avenues to ensure the best possible experience for your customers.