About the Founder

Holly Magister, CPA

Holly founded Enterprise Transitions in 2009 to offer Consulting and Advisory Services (CAS) to business owners after 25 years practicing as a Certified Public Accountant.

During the time when she offered tax planning and tax compliance services, she also participated in numerous sale transactions and observed how the disparate interests involved could get in the way of serving the client’s needs when preparing for a sale or transfer and especially so when selling a business. 

Unfortunately, when you bring multiple professionals together, they don’t always work well together.  It’s a challenge Holly addresses by tapping into her knack for mediation and well-honed consensus-building skills.  

With this challenge in mind, Holly’s developed three service offerings to assist business owners so they may grow their business, increase its value and ultimately successfully sell or transfer its ownership to others.

Since the formation of her consulting practice, Holly has been able to assist with several hundred sale transactions.  She also serves as a Fractional CFO for a handful of lower-middle market businesses, thanks to various technology advances and of course Zoom!   

Holly also founded ExitPromise.com to help business owners learn more about starting, growing and selling a valuable business.  She’s been a Forbes.com Contributor where she authored articles about entrepreneurship with a focus on exit strategies.  Holly has also been featured in publications such as Intuit® Small Business Influencers and has authored several hundred articles.