Exit PromiseĀ®

Over the past several years, while continuing our work with clients planning for their own enterprise transition, we built a website called ExitPromise.com which offers many free resources for business owners.

ExitPromise.com is a website created to help business owners of all sizes to start, grow and sell a valuable business. Business owners may ask questions as well as read and download several hundred articles, whitepapers and tools.

The website was founded in 2010 by Holly Magister after practicing as a CPA for 25 years. In doing so, she recognized that most entrepreneurs were eager to learn, however found it difficult to find affordable advice from business professionals.

To address this need, she created ExitPromise.com and gathered Featured Advisors to contribute resources and answer business owners’ questions. Here entrepreneurs have free access to various professional advisors in an open Q&A Advisor forum. Through this access, along with the collaborative opportunities with other members, Exit Promise offers its members guidance, resources and help to start, grow and sell a valuable business.

Holly continues to consult with middle market business owners and their families. She and her husband Mike have also built, acquired and sold several businesses of their own. Many lessons about entrepreneurship have been learned from those experiences and the work she does with business owners. Holly shares her experiences, resources and offers practical advice through her blog.