Helping Business Owners

Grow, Improve Value and Prepare to Sell your Business

Whether you are a business owner who wants to continue growing your business, plan for its ownership transfer to family members, key employees or to an outside party, or needs help when it’s time to sell, Holly Magister, CPA and her support staff are available to provide the following services:


Grow Your Business {The Fractional CFO}

We work with business owners who have built their business to $5 Million in revenue and intend to continue developing sales growth and most importantly business value.  Most growing businesses do not have the financial ability to hire a full time Chief Financial Officer (CFO), however the need to do so is great.  Hiring a Fractional CFO is a great stepping stone to accomplish what is necessary to take the business to the next level.

In the application of our proprietary Fractional CFO process, we work closely with business owners to create bigger opportunities, improve cash flow, minimize taxes, source and negotiate cost effective capitalization, and plan proactively for an owner’s ultimate ownership exit.

Our custom process and proprietary set of tools are applied to achieve growth goals efficiently.  And we work side-by-side the business owner with your other professional advisors (including your existing CPA) to achieve success!

Helping a business owner grow their business — with a focus on long-term EBITDA growth — is at the heart of everything we do.


Improve Business Value {Business Valuation}

Understanding what your business is worth in the eyes of buyer — whether that buyer is one of your co-shareholders, family members, key employees or a third party — is vitally important!   And it’s the first step if you’re serious about improving the value of your business.

For those who are not ready for Fractional CFO services, we offer Business Valuation Services for the small business owner to help you wrap your arms around what your business is worth and how you can improve its value. 

Without breaking the bank,  you can receive a concise, written report defining the value of your business in your inbox. Our Valuation Report includes a consultation with Holly and a supplemental report summarizing the specific steps you should take to improve the value of your business. 


Prepare to Sell Your Business {Advisory Services}

We work collaboratively with your existing professional advisors or introduce experienced M&A advisors to navigate the business owner and their family members through the selling process.

Our sale-side services include:

  • Partner / Co-Shareholder Buyout Advisory services
  • Unsolicited Offer Negotiation Advisory services
  • Sourcing an M&A Intermediary (Investment Banker) or Business Broker well-suited for the specific industry and size.  Our firm does not serve as an Investment Banker or Business Broker.  Instead we assist business owners as they navigate these unchartered waters.


Holly’s pleased to speak with you about your goals and business.  Set up your introductory consultation call here.