Transition Services

Whether a business owner wants to continue growing their business, plan for its ownership transfer to family members, key employees or to an outside party, or needs help when it’s time to sell, Enterprise Transitions is available to provide these services.


Grow Your Business

We work with business owners who have built their business to $5 Million in revenue and intend to continue developing sales growth and most importantly business value.

In the application of our proprietary process, we work closely with business owners to create bigger opportunities, improve cash flow, minimize taxes, source and negotiate cost effective capitalization, and plan proactively for an owner’s ultimate exit. Our custom process and proprietary set of tools are applied to achieve clients’ growth goals efficiently.  And we work side-by-side the business owner with his or her other professional advisors to achieve success.

Growth Clarity services include our Growth Roadmap process, Business Acquisition representation services, and Digital Marketing services.


Ownership Transition Planning

Our clients benefit from our proprietary five step planning process that permits them to set their exit objectives, determine the proper value or price for their business, preserve, protect, and drive value, consider the tax and cash flow consequences by converting value to cash and/or a note, develop a contingency plan, and last, but not least, create their wealth preservation plan.

We work with our client’s existing advisors, or involve our alliance advisors as needed, to collaboratively progress through these five steps to create an effective transition plan for the business owner and his or her family.


Help When You Sell Your Business

We work collaboratively with existing advisors, such as CPAs and Attorneys, to navigate the business owner through their exit plan and ultimately the sale of their business.

Our services include Partner / Co-Shareholder Buyout Representation, Unsolicited Offer Negotiations and Sourcing M&A Intermediaries or Business Brokers when it’s time to sell the business.